Story Synopsis

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SLUT follows the story of 16-year-old Joey Del Marco. On a cold night in January, Joey rushes home from dance team practice at The Elliot School in NYC to get ready for Connor Hershall’s party. She decides to meet up with her longtime friends Luke Freidman, George Wright, and Tim Delany for a little “pre-gaming” before heading uptown. She has a drink– in fact Joey and the guys down an entire bottle of Absolut. They dance. They hang out. They have fun. And then they squeeze into the back of a cab…

45 minutes later, Joey’s best friend Jane finds Joey locked in the bathroom at the party. She’s on the floor, covered in her own vomit, with her ripped underwear in her hand.

Within days, The Elliot School community is turned upside down. Luke, George, and Tim have been arrested and put on academic probation, and Joey’s yet to show up for classes. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and ASK.FM are flooded with photos and posts detailing what (and who) went down in that taxi. Homes and hallways are thick with rumor and blame: She wanted it. Did she say “No?” She was drunk and out of control. She deserved it – did you see what she was wearing!? The guys wouldn’t need to force her! Why did she have condoms in her bag? She gave them all blow-jobs. Why didn’t she stop the cab? She prides herself on being a slut.

While her parents pace in the waiting room, Joey sits in a small office and makes her statement to the assistant district attorney. As she painfully recounts the events of that night – her story is intertwined with glimpses of the community’s response.

In a culture where silence, shame, and hyper-sexualization allow sexual violence to thrive, will Joey find support and justice? When past choices and actions come back to haunt her – will her voice be heard? How will one incident in the back of a taxi shape the lives of Joey and her friends?

Across the country, in middle schools, high schools, and on college campuses, “slut” is a word to live or die by. It’s simultaneously a badge of honor and the scarlet letter – and girls everywhere struggle to walk the line