Bring SLUT to Your Community

Become a member of the StopSlut Coalition. StopSlut is an educational intervention that uses cultural expression—theater—to catalyze conversation and sensitization to slut shaming and rape culture.

Download a PDF of options here.

License the play:

Colleges: $1500

High Schools: $700

Community Organizations: $1500

North Dakota State University presents SLUT

North Dakota State University presents SLUT

This includes support from StopSlut leadership, and the rights to perform in your community. You may perform the play more than once (i.e in a run) within the academic year and sell tickets if desired. The play features 11 female characters and can be produced with minimal tech. (Please note: this does not include required purchase of 12 scripts. Scripts can be purchased separately online here:

StopSlut will provide logos for your graphics & promotional materials.

The following credit text must be included beneath the SLUT THE PLAY logo all promotional materials (including digital/online materials) and playbills/programs: Written by Katie Cappiello, Developed in collaboration with The Arts Effect All-Girl Theater Company

Schedule a workshop with playwright & director Katie Cappiello and/or director Meg McInerney:

Katie Cappiello with Cindi Leive and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Katie Cappiello with Cindi Leive and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

$3,000-7,000 (fees vary depending workshop specifics)

Katie Cappiello and Meg McInerney will conduct a StopSlut workshop for students, educators, community members. StopSlut Workshops have been facilitated across the country.  Through a combination of storytelling, reflective writing exercises, group discussion, and action planning, students breakdown and address rape culture, sexual shaming, bullying, the role of the bystander, and the specific challenges facing their community.  Participants are introduced to the tenets of CARE (Communication, Accountability, Respect, and Empathy) and challenged to brainstorm everyday steps/actions they can take to promote healthier conversations around and attitudes toward sexuality and relationships.

Master classes or consultation/direction of a production or staged reading are also possible. 

Contact  for more info.

Bring the professional production to your school or community:

Cast members Diana Machado and Brittany Adebumola performing at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

Diana Machado and Brittany Adebumola performing at MIT, Cambridge, MA.

 $35,00-$40,000 (inclusive of expenses)

The award-winning touring cast and crew of SLUT: The Play will produce the play and a series of post-show discussion

forums at your school or in your community.  

Inspired by the experience of New York City high school students and written by Katie Cappiello, SLUT follows the journey of 16-year-old Joanna Grace Del Marco, who is raped in the back of a taxi by three of her friends. Through Joey’s story and those in her community, witness the damaging impact of slut culture and the importance of being heard. (11 women, minimal set, tech optional)

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